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tv   [untitled]    November 9, 2010 12:00am-12:30am PST

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as san francisco residents, we live in san francisco. we spend money in san francisco and pay taxes in san francisco. so we should have the right to get these local jobs. secondly, it is necessary to pass mandatory local hiring legislation because a lot of san francisco workers are out of jobs right now. right now, it is too difficult to find a job in san francisco.
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for example, myself a journeyman carpenter, i have been out of a job for three months. i have been trying very hard to find a job, but there has been no luck with many job applications. i have three kids in my family that need me to support them. every month, i need to pay off my home loans and also the auto loans. with only one job from my wife, it is impossible for me to support a family of five. i really need a job.
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therefore, i urge the board of supervisors to pass the mandatory local hiring legislation so i can find a job to support my family. thank you. supervisor avalos: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon.
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my name is wu chau chang. i am a member of the chinese progressive association. i used to work in a restaurant. i have been unemployed for five months. i do not even have unemployment benefits. my husband is a construction worker. he is the head of the household. his work ability is very insecure. right now he is unemployed. every month, he has only a few days of work. being the head of the family, he has to bear a lot of stress and depression. we need his few days of work to
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support the whole family. this is very difficult. because of the stress and pressure, he is very irritable. he has become very unhealthy. we are not the only family that is experiencing this in the chinese community. there are many families like us. they do not have work. they do not have the ability to carry on their life. they need government subsidies. they are a burden on the government.
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we do not want to depend on the government to support us. we want to support ourselves. we need work. i hope this party hiring of local people -- this priority hiring of local people will materialize. we think it is a good plan. i hope this plan will help us non-english speakers. supervisor avalos: janine carter, willie radcliffe, evonne elobos, andrea crimstork and mike theerio. we'll stop right there. thanks.
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if we can just stop for a second. gentlemen and folks in the audience, we cannot hear if there's a lot of talking and discussion in the lines and we will keep it quiet to help concentrate on what everyone is saying. thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm a member of the chinese progressive association. i have two children. i used to work in a restaurant right now an imunemployed. my husband is a construction worker. he is a pillar of the family but his work is very unstable and in a month he has only a few days of work. being an employee so long he is experiencing a lot of stress and
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that causes irritability in his temper and his health is also deteriorating. my family depends on the few hundred dollars i received from my unemployment benefits. i'm not the only one who experienced this. i know a few families experiencing the same situation. our family was a very warm family, however, because of the stress from our life, there is tendency of violence in the family right now.
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when i heard of this priority hiring of local workers, i was -- i'm very happy because local people need local work and then they have money to spend and with the spending, the economy will prosper and also the government will prosper as well because of the revenue. and also each family will have a single home, and i hope this plan will help low-income families. thank you. >> next speaker, please. if i call your name, that would put you in the future to the end of the line, ok? when your name is called. mr. radcliffe. >> thank you.
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thank you, supervisors, for holding this hearing. and i certainly want to congratulate supervisor john avalos for bringing this doubt. it's wayio due. should have been done when they did the funding program. it should have been done them. it really all ties together. one thing you will notice the most local businesses had to get contracts over here. they hired more local people. of course, that's who they know, and that's who they will hire is people that they know. now, the program has not been working to do its job in making sure bonding, finance and insurance, one of the main things that hold local businesses back, regardless, especially disadvantaged businesses. now, an honest point between the age of 18 and 30, even up to 35,
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we have a 45% to 55% unemployment rate. our businesses suffered terribly because the people don't have no money. so we're really suffering out there all the way around. this will certainly help. unless we make sure that the finance and insurance is working in our local communities, right now we probably have four contractors. we used to have 50 that were black. we've been going downhill but we have asked but they haven't been carried out. the program worked for people in oakland but it hasn't worked here in san francisco. so we need to put all of these things together, and they will work.
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we need a program -- one thing we need is that local contractors can put people to work before -- everybody don't need to be under the privacy or project labor agreement. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> well, then, what have we got here? could it be the politicians outside of washington, d.c. have heard the constituencies' cries? their calls for jobs, local jobs? no, not likely. more likely lucky coincidence. no, the board of stupid-visors evidently haven't heard the call to hire locals or meaningful actions would have taken place previously. the matter of local hearing would have received the problem attention that so sorely deserves today and deserved yesterday.
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whether anything meaningful takes place or tomorrow, well, one can only hope. particularly with new board members in january. no, the board stupid-visors has elected to focus its time and city's money on dribble like meatless mondays or new taxes in the form of fees, or proposing that noncitizens get voting rights or securitas facilitation of residential parking or which lunge -- lunch should include a toy? when it comes to local hiring, the city and county has abdicated its responsibility to provide for its inhabitants and an indictment of malfeasance would be more than appropriate. testimonials abound, let me provide just a couple. the previous coca-cola plant on third street where the residential project at candlestick point for los gatos
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played a predominant role in both of those projects. let me read a letter to gavin's boy michael cohen, which substantiates my charge of malfeasance and irresponsibility. let me start at the beginning. while soliciting work at two projects on third industry in the bayview, i was redirected to the cityville program located at your one-stop career -- located. was that two minutes? >> look at the time. >> i won't read this whole letter to you. let me finish, though. >> we will have to cut your time right there, sir. it's two minutes per person. >> hey, you can't even run those comment cards straight. you can't even get that cue straight. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you for taking me.
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my name is janine carter and i'm the founder and cree of a local san francisco solar contractor. and we are also an l.b.e. what i would like to start out by saying is that 50% of luminalt's crew came to us flew community-based organizations. and the way that, that happened that means y.c.d., neighborhood design, san francisco conservation core and the list goes on. the reason that, that happened is that true the proposal and adoption of solar and its implementation and administration with great work done by people like yermio rodriguez and others, a collision was forged and groups worked together in common purpose and i would really love to see that happen and coalesce around local hires because working together and real
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floirging bonds and figuring out how we can do this right, and incorporating local businesses in connection with that will make this work. city hall is getting solar, which is fabulous. i think it's really exciting local businesses, local advocates have worked on this for years. the organization that got this contract is a colorado-based publicly traded company that has no offices in san francisco and is not signatory to a collective bargaining agreement. we all lose. we all lose when none of us are part of the process and none of us are given opportunities. if local business is given an opportunity to win some of these contracts, we will all win and be able to expand that opportunity. thank you. >> thank you. and thank you for your how we
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can instead of why we can't attitude. we really appreciate that very much. >> we can do this. we've got a lot of talent here. we've got a lot of talented people that do really good work and in fact san francisco and the bay area is one of the most competitive places to do solar and lumanalt won sixth place in one of the fastest growing companies in the bay eamplet the reason we did that is through sweat by men and women who are all san franciscoens working with huge supports in the community-based organization. >> thank you. thank you very much. how we can. >> i have one just a followup question. i think your company is one of the examples of how we need to do this right, and you suggest that there are things we might be able to do in our city contracting laws. as you may or may not know, a number of us have authored legislation in years' past to change our city contracting laws to make it easier for some of these local businesses to win them. i would be happy, we don't have
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to discuss this now, if you have specific suggestions at what we could do that those difficult proposals i think we would all like to hear them. >> thank you. we're in l.b. but we've never gotten a job by the result of our l.b.e. status. i would love to talk to it. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, land use. ♪ if i were a carpenter and your employer maybe would you hire me anyway because i would sure like some money gravy if you were a city worker and you had a job could you get -- you gave me, you would do everything you'd help me you'd really save me
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see i've been so very broke take that in your city notes and you reached your help us and little city i feel the job ice is slowly melting little city, it seems like years since jobs in hiring have been here here comes the job sun here comes the sun here comes the sun i say jobs it's all right jobs, jobs and hiring here it comes it's been a long, long cold winter little city it seems like years since had you jobs here here comes the city job sun
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here comes the sun and i say that's all right jobs, jobs and work here it comes jobs, jobs, work here it comes and it's about time and we're gonna have lots of work signs ♪ >> thank you for reminding me i would rather be a hammer than a nail. hammer in the morning. next speaker, please. >> hi, yes, i support the hiring policy but i really suggest that you change it to south african, because i'm a big soccer buff and the first time i heard about hiring policy was in the fifa world cup, south africa stadium building, how that government over there really like tried to implement that but how the
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complexity of projects forced local work out. just please consider it. thanks. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is florence. i'm the president of the san francisco chinese club and president of the bay view area. local hiring in the city of san francisco benefits san francisco's economy and puts many san franciscoens to work. san francisco may not have met local hiring and the economy is booming but we need it now. we know that the locals san franciscoens who work on this local hiring jobs will spend their hard-earned dollars in san francisco. this spending will create even more economic activities and create more jobs to get san francisco back to prosperity. there are not any good reasons to adopt a local hiring
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legislation because local hiring is good for san francisco. it would turn more benefits to the taxpayer who pays for the project and san franciscoens will be proud to have participated in projects in our -- and build our own landmarks. local hiring is also green because the workforce will not miss -- have to drive from other cities to come to san francisco to work. there are many qualified workers in san francisco who can build our public works projects. there are no excuses for not hiring local businesses and local residents to do our job. i run a steel company. i hire 90% san franciscoens and we have built steel buildings, steel framing for st. mary's school, for local hotels, and
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local residents are filled when local hiring goes out are very important. it is possible. local hiring has not worked as to keep local hirings in the percentage. san francisco deserves more. more local san francisco businesses enterprise can be served more local san francisco businesses enterprises. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is andrew crimstock. i represent the construction employers association. our association represents about 100 commercial building contractors in northern california representing over $10 billion worth of work annually. our key courters in san francisco will be web corps, niby brothers construction, the bolt companies, a number of
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familiar names. we are in support of workforce development, however, we feel that this ordinance as proposed is not a real workable solution. it's something that we've met with labor as well as other contractors and city contracting agencies on. there are some key points where this will legally conflict with collective bargaining agreements. all of the contractors we represent are union builders. it will increase the cost of construction for the city due to productivity and safety concerns. it shifts all of the risk on to the contractor in terms of workers' comp, insurance, bonding, things like that. and it simply outmandates the capacity that we have here. construction is a regional workforce. it's writhal industry. contractors need the ability to
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transport their employees from jobs in the city to out of the city and back again. we feel that developing the workforce is really where we can build this capacity and meet the local hiring requirements. thank you. >> thank you. so you're saying no? >> we're saying yes, we're opposed to this order nans. >> you're saying no, you're opposed to it. next speaker, please. >> supervisors, michael theriot, san francisco building and construction trades council. we are in the trades understand our demographics well. we know that we're going to need a lot of replacement workers. we know we will need to dip into every possible community in order to find them. if this were simply a question of strengthening the pipeline to apprenticeship, we would be completely in support of it. that is where we believe really good can be done. we do think something can be done there. however, this goes well beyond that. this goes into the question of journey level hire and thereby creates a host of problems for itself and for the city.
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and for us. quite a parking collective bargaining agreements, there's a real problem with capacity here. there's a mathematical question, there are simple calculation that's i doubt any of you have done. i know supervisor av lose had -- avalos had not done them because we discussed it recently. i will publish them in two weeks. this should not be a question of rhetoric but mathematics. let's debate it on the math. and then we will see where it goes. we and a member of the contractors association started sitting down a couple weeks ago to review this and banged away through a series of meetings and finally this morning, a number of them threw up their hands and said, this is not going to work. we can't do this. i'm at a bit of a loss as to where we proceed from here. and i fear it will drive up the price of contracting for the city. it may even make it impossible for you to find contractors for certain classes of work and the progressive movement in san francisco will own that problem when it occurs, and it will
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occur. also, for those of you worried about jobs here, i would like to say first of all, this is not a short-term stimulus. this is long-term legislation and in fact most of it effective kicks in two years down the road and it will have to kick in later if realistic. in addition, supervisor avalos did d bring up out-of-state workers. project work hours performed by residents other than california is should not be considered to the number of work hours to which the local hiring requirements comply. out of state workers will be completely unlimited under this legislation, and it will provide an advantage to out of state, nonunion contractors over union contractors for the regional workforce. bear that in mind. thank you. >> mr. theriot, a question for you. we have been in communication for months now about this legislation. i'm hoping you can come here today and give us ideas about how we can get this accomplished. i was hoping mr. crimmstock as well could provide that but then i get a flat no and that doesn't jive well with the wealth of
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people who are here at city hall today who want to make this happen. we want to work with you to make it happen. we don't have the answers today. we would like to make that happen. >> supervisor, as you know i believe from the beginning you started from the principle without understanding the industry at all that there had to be a local hire mandate and it had to arrive at 50% and everything has been working back from that. instead of starting with an analysis of the industries and citying how best you can succeed, you came back -- >> mr. theriot, you have had ample opportunity to discuss this with us. you will continue to have that opportunity to discuss this with us. my door is not closed, has not been closed in this whole process so i hope we can come to some agreement how we can make it happen. thank you. >> and let me just say as he's walking back, that we've had good faith for how long? so if you had some good faith, you certainly could have brought it on and we would not be where we are today.
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>> actually, if i can just add, i do think though all of us here at the board of supervisors, we want to figure out a way to work with the trades, to work with our local community that's need jobs to-to-figure out how to move this forward. i know i'm looking forward to getting those math calculations. i would be happy to get it earlier and see what we could do to move this forward. i do no supervisor avalos is genuinely interested in figuring out a way for us to thread this needle. these are difficult times. we have a finite number of resources but if there's a way to do it, i for one, and i think all of my colleagues are united in wanting to figure that out. >> and i also think that the builders that you mentioned, web corps, they've been with san francisco, nibby brothers, they are san franciscoens and san francisco's i think core group of developers and builders. if they want to -- and i believe
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they do, they will figure out a way. they can build everything and anything else. they will help us build this. so i think that it will be how we can and we are willing to look at how we can. that's where we are today. that's what this is about. now why we can't or, you know, but it's how we can go forward. thank you. next. >> thank you. next speaker? >> thank you. >> good evening. i speak from union members' point of view. i had to move from one union to another just to try to stay working and i've been through a lot of city programs at city build and lists. i think there's a problem with having lots of lists and signing your name up on a consecutive basis where you kind of just get lost in the circle. lost in the circle. i think this is a really good


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